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Delivery and Customs Clearance

Delivery and Customs Clearance

We own a container fleet for small and oversized cargo.

Customs clearance in Russia is quite sophisticated and requires a professional approach. Boshun International Freight Forwarding’ specialists provide a full range of document management services.

With over a decade of experience we have acquired extensive legal knowledge and practical skills in this area. We ensure the implementation of applicable regulations and terms to help you avoid wasting time and money.

Scope of Services

All goods entering the borders of the Russian Federation need to be cleared through customs first. There are strict import regulations for every type of goods. We provide end-to-end services for delivery and customs clearance of cargo from China starting with preliminary estimates of delivery costs to transporting your shipment to the door of a warehouse anywhere in Russia.

  • Classification code of goods (FEACN).
  • Supporting documents (sales and purchase agreement (SPA), invoice, bill of lading and consignment).
  • Completion of customs declaration.
  • Submission of documents to the customs authority.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Certification.
  • Currency control.
  • Fees and charges.

How to pass through the customs without delay?

Certain companies (especially start-ups) that want regular shipments from China believe they can handle customs clearance on their own. However, Russia customs regulations are so complex that it would take a lot of time to learn the nuances.

If you lack experience in document processing, any small error can keep you at the border for several hours or even a week. And this can cause a loss of finances, clients and business partners.

Moreover, our legislation is constantly changing, and despite you study it thoroughly there are always novelties you do not know about, but customs authorities operate exactly with.

So how can you pass through customs control without any problem and free of loss? Contact our qualified specialists. Boshun International Freight Forwarding has a team of professionals fully conversant with legal novelties and subtleties. Your customs documentation will be impeccable and completed in minimum time.

  • specialists with perfect knowledge of procedures;
  • fast customs clearance;
  • operations with rail, sea, truck and air transport and consolidated cargo;
  • customs clearance of all types of goods;
  • certification and insurance;
  • freight forwarding services at every customs station;
  • cost of services is lower than the average market price.

If you need a fast and smooth delivery and customs clearance of goods from China, please make an online enquiry or call at: +86 18616361650.

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