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Consolidated Cargo

Consolidated Cargo

We own a container fleet for small and oversized cargo.

Many companies in Russia are interested in transportation of small and medium shipments from China at a competitive price. And the best solution is to opt for a consolidated shipment.

Boshun International Freight Forwarding offers a full range of logistics services. You can group a shipment of any size at our consolidation warehouse in Shanghai for transportation to Moscow or any other city in Russia.

Benefits of Consolidated Cargo

  • Cash flow optimization;
  • Competitive transportation price (even by air);
  • Tracking throughout the route from China to Russia;
  • Door-to-door delivery;
  • Speedy transportation;
  • Wide variety of routes.

Consolidated shipment from China is a perfect solution for the following:

  • small freight that would be unprofitable to transport with general cargo;
  • demand analysis for different goods;
  • pilot shipments;
  • single orders;
  • transportation of several product types.

This shipping mode is mainly chosen by retailers and wholesalers trading household goods, clothes, furniture, electronics, component and spare parts. The most popular destinations are: China—Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don.

Shipping Consolidated Cargo from China with Boshun International Freight Forwarding

We deliver cargo from any province to our warehouse in Shanghai, where it is consolidated for transportation by the most convenient and efficient mode: rail, truck, air or sea. We ship on a regular basis, which excludes long delays.

  • We have offices in Moscow, Vladivostok and Shanghai.
  • We provide accurate rates for consolidated cargo delivery from a supplier in China to the door of your warehouse.
  • We use the following containers for transportation: 20ft, 40ft, High Cube, Open Top, Flat Rack, platforms and reefers.
  • We provide comprehensive legal support for delivery: documentation, customs clearance and certification.
  • We offer best routes for transportation from China to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other major cities in the European part of Russia. We provide information about location of your cargo over the entire transportation process.
  • We move shipments of any size from Russia to China, including consolidated cargo from Novosibirsk and Vladivostok.

To ensure smooth and cost-efficient consolidated shipment from China, please, contact Boshun International Freight Forwarding. We are always looking for cooperation! Make an online enquiry or contact us at: +86 18616361650. Delivery from China to Moscow takes 25-35 days on average.

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