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Sea Transport

Sea Transport from China to Russia

We own a container fleet for small and oversized cargo.

Boshun International Freight Forwarding offers sea shipping from China to Russia via convenient routes and at a competitive price. We will deliver a shipment of any size to ports in Vladivostok, at Black Sea or the Baltic states with further transportation to your warehouse in all regions of Russia. Delivery time by sea from China is 4-35 days. We prepare complete documentation and certification as well as control cargo safety door-to-door.

Benefits of Sea Transport:

  • the most cost-efficient mode of transport;
  • high security and absolute safety;
  • a shipment comprising miscellaneous goods;
  • moving any volume of cargo;
  • our ports are fully equipped for fast loading.

Characteristics of Sea Shipping

Exact delivery date from China may change due to objective reasons: heavy cargo traffic, a queue to unloading and lack of port capacity. In certain cases this may result in demurrage. Our specialists are constantly monitoring our ports and will give you an optimal solution.

Sea shipping from China to Russia takes more time compared to truck or rail transportation. Therefore, a company needs to consider this fact to make calculations and plan its cash flow.

Transportation by sea from China to Russia is suitable for any cargo: food, electronics and home appliances, furniture, raw and building materials, rolled steel, industrial and other equipment.

How to ship from China by sea?

We are using several types of containers that are fully protected from mechanical damage and unauthorized intrusion:

  • fully enclosed standard 20ft and 40ft containers (including High Cube superstructures) with 76 m3 maximum capacity and 26.3 ton maximum payload;
  • similar reefers with 66 m3 maximum capacity;
  • Flat Rack, Open Top and platforms for oversized and large items;
  • 20ft tank containers with 24 m3 maximum capacity and 21 ton maximum payload for liquid and gas.

Boshun International Freight Forwarding operates only with ship owners with solid track record.

Sea Shipping from China with Boshun International Freight Forwarding

  • Owning a container fleet allows us to transport any cargo. Please, inform us about the type of goods you want to ship and we will choose a suitable and inexpensive option.
  • If required we can deliver cargo to a port from any Chinese province. Prior to dispatch you may place your shipment in our consolidation warehouse in Shanghai.
  • With our more than 10 years’ experience in sea shipping from China we have streamlined an end-to-end logistics chain.
  • If you need customs brokerage or certificates our team will work out all the details and will provide a complete documentation as soon as possible.
  • We will receive and discharge your shipment in Vladivostok, Klaipeda, Riga, Novorossiysk and Rostov-on-Don and then will forward it with a preferred transport directly to your warehouse.

To calculate a preliminary cost of sea shipping from China, make an online enquiry or contact us at: +86 18616361650.

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