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Truck Transport

Truck Transport from China to Russia

We own a container fleet for small and oversized cargo.

Boshun International Freight Forwarding transports cargo from China with reliable trucks and large containers from our own fleet.

This is a fast and reasonably priced mode of transportation. We are fully responsible for cargo safety and compliance with a deadline. We provide customs brokerage and certification.

Benefits of Truck Transport

Truck transportation to and from China is cost-efficient and allows to maneuver:

  • you can export cargos from remote provinces where railroad is not available and deliver them door-to-door to any place in Russia;
  • the route is built and customized to minimize your transportation costs;
  • any shipment can comprise miscellaneous goods, which suits wholesalers and retailers;
  • if there is a queue at a customs station or a customs clearance is slowing down the stream of vehicles, our specialist will redirect your truck to a less busy customs;
  • when transporting from China it is possible to conveniently combine truck with rail or sea modes.

What trucks are used for transportation from China?

The Boshun International Freight Forwarding truck fleet includes powerful and robust MAN and DAF trucks equipped with tractor units or BDF. We use them with general purpose 20ft and 40ft containers with maximum payload of 26.5 t. KRONE, KOGEL, RENDERS trailers with extendable platforms are attached to tractors. It takes maximum 7 minutes to install a container on a chassis.

We carry out perfect maintenance for our trucks and trailers. Boshun International Freight Forwarding provides technical inspection prior to every departure.

Truck transportation enables you to move almost any cargo from China. General purpose containers are loaded with general goods, home appliances, various raw materials and products that are not temperature-sensitive. If you need to ship perishable commodities, we can offer refrigerators.

Delivery time by truck from China to Moscow is approximately 20 days depending on the origin location.

  • we work out an individual route and adjust it depending on traffic and customs procedures;
  • you can get a preliminary quote;
  • your cargo is loaded in China;
  • customs clearance;
  • complete documentation and certification;
  • cargo insurance;
  • truck tracking throughout its route;
  • door-to-door delivery;
  • compliance with time limits guaranteed.

Our goal is to deliver cargo fast, safely and for your benefit. To book a truck transportation from China with Boshun International Freight Forwarding, please, make an online enquiry or contact us at: +86 18616361650.

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