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Rail Transport

Rail Transport from China to Russia

We own a container fleet for small and oversized cargo.

Rail freight is safe and efficient. Boshun International Freight Forwarding provides end-to-end logistics and overall control for rail transportation from China to Russia.

We prepare all supporting documentation and licenses, if needed we arrange warehousing at transit stations. You will get your shipment at the closest rail terminal as soon as possible.

Rail transport from China to Russia with Boshun International Freight Forwarding

  • Shipment based on cargo type, conditions and customer preferences.
  • Flexible rates and significant transportation savings.
  • Professional freight forwarding throughout rail transportation from China to Moscow or any other city in Russia.
  • Choice of cars/wagons depending on cargo: containers, gondolas, covered general-purpose platforms.
  • Cargo is insured in reliable Russian and Chinese companies, which guarantees its safety on its way from China or Southeast Asia to Russia.
  • We arrange rail transportation of a shipment discharged in a port in Russia directly to the door of your warehouse.
  • We use only legal customs clearance for imported goods and strictly comply with the Customs Code requirements.

Benefits of Rail Transport

  • Extensive rail network allows to arrange transportation from China to almost any place in Russia.
  • Rail stations provide high capacity, which reduces shipping time.
  • Bad weather conditions do not impact transportation from China.
  • We provide through control, which enables complete cargo safety.
  • Different types of railroad trains suited for various cargos with different weight and dimensions (including oversized cargo).

Russian Federation enterprises largely depend on regular shipments from China and Southeast Asia. For them rail is the best transport to Russia. Our customers approve of favorable price/speed ratio making rail freight invariably popular.

Partnering with Boshun International Freight Forwarding allows to significantly reduce rail transportation costs from China. We guarantee to ship your cargo to its destination and in due time. To learn more, please, make an online enquiry or contact us at: +86 18616361650. You can get a preliminary online quote for rail transport from China to Moscow or any other major city in Russia.

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