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Container Shipping

Container Shipping from China to Russia

We own a container fleet for small and oversized cargo.
Boshun International Freight Forwarding offers convenient and efficient container shipments from China and Southeast Asia to Russia. We provide customs brokerage, certification and freight forwarding. We ship both full and consolidated containers.
Container shipping from China has a number of advantages:
  • complete safety of even fragile goods;
  • maximum protection from unfavorable weather conditions;
  • containers are sound and strong for storage;
  • transportation of cargo of any type and size;
  • loading/unloading of a shipment without technical difficulties, which significantly speeds up operations and reduces transportation costs;
  • no risks of unauthorized intrusion (breaking or theft).

Transportation to Russia

General purpose containers from China (GP)

If you need to move general cargo, we offer standard 20ft and 40ft containers as well as High Cube superstructures. They are fully enclosed, dust- and waterproof and their quality meets ISO 1496/1 requirements. These containers have rigid walls and a roof.

Reefer containers from China (RE)

If you transport refrigerated cargo to Russia, use our reefers. They will keep your goods cool till a warehouse in Moscow.

Open top containers from China (OT)

These containers have no rigid roof; instead they are equipped with a waterproof tarpaulin/plastic cover.

Flat rack containers and platforms from China (FR)

Structures without side walls can be used if you need to transport vehicles, machines, wood and various oversized goods. Containers are firmly fixed on a platform.

Tank containers from China

If you transport liquid or gas, we offer special sealed tanks.

To properly plan your shipping, learn more about container dimensions and volume.

Transportation Modes from China

Container transport by sea

Shipping by sea is the most cost effective solution. Wholesalers can order large volumes of different items at a time. We guarantee to ship within 35 days from all ports in China.

Container transport by rail

Transportation is possible in all weather conditions. It is convenient to forward small and large shipments of goods from China to Moscow and Russian regions. We build the fastest and most efficient route for you.

Container transport by truck

It is aimed for urgent consignments of perishable goods. This is a more expensive method, but it allows transporting cargo even from remote provinces in China.

Working with Boshun International Freight Forwarding gives you many benefits:
  • 10 years’ experience in international cargo transportation to Russia;
  • Cargo shipment by rail, truck and sea;
  • End-to-end logistics services;
  • Our own containers of all types;
  • A fleet of reliable and large trucks;
  • Offices in Moscow, Vladivostok and Shanghai;
  • Individual processing documents, cost calculation and routing.

What is the cost of shipment?

The final quote of your shipment is based on the volume and type of cargo, transport and time frame. To get your shipping rates for rail, sea and truck transportation to Moscow or any other place in Russia, please, use our online form at the website or contact us at: +86 18616361650.

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